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Published May 18, 2015

After a few resets, yesterday Flying Circus menaged to kill the mighty Blackhand. Overall Blackrock Foundry was a really nice raid and clearing it felt somewhat rewarding.

Now it's time to expand our roster, consisting mostly of old friends, to engage the Mythic adventure. Stay tuned!


Flying Circus is back!

Marco a posted Feb 28, 15

Ancient history has suggested that Flying Circus is an elite guild found in the early years of Vanilla WoW, where they banished Ragnaros, slayed Nefarian, vanquished C’thun and bested Kel’Thuzad. While much of the lore has been lost, it is believed that much of their success were due to skill, teamwork and communication that ranked them top 50th guild in Europe and top 70th guild in world at the time.

And now, the legends return once more in Warlords of Draenor.

We are a close, dedicated guild which aims to perform at high levels in PvP and PvE. In Flying Circus we believe that quality is more important than quantity, therefore we would rather focus on a core group than a big pool of players.  

We are looking for dedicated, mature, team-oriented members to join our rank, while we do not consider ourselves as hardcore raiders anymore. We expect all raiders to attend and prepare accordingly for the raids and abide the guild rules.

In Flying Circus we offer a positive, helpful and mature environment where members would often do arenas, challenge mode or hunting achievements together. We have a diversified culture with members from all over the world, and expect everyone to show a mutual respect towards one another.

We believe a team is bigger than any individual, and it is only through collective effort we will succeed,

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